Competence: Data Science Workflow Level: Foundation

What is the Team Data Science Process? - Azure Architecture Center | Microsoft Learn “The Team Data Science Process (TDSP) is an agile, iterative data science methodology to deliver predictive analytics solutions and intelligent applications efficiently. TDSP helps improve team collaboration and learning by suggesting how team roles work best together. TDSP includes best practices and structures from Microsoft and other industry leaders to help toward successful implementation of data science initiatives. The goal is to help companies fully realize the benefits of their analytics program.”

Data Science with R “The book emphasizes machine learning, but is unique in the number of chapters it devotes to topics such as the role of the data scientist in projects, managing results, and even designing presentations. In addition to working out how to code up models, the book shares how to collaborate with diverse teams, how to translate business goals into metrics, and how to organize work and reports.” - Jeremy Howard

You rarely find those topics in other books or courses and they are core to understand the role of a data scientist in a project. The book focuses on the usage of R for data science and it is a good book. If you are not into R, you can stick to the first chapter which includes:

  • Defining data science
  • Defining data science project roles
  • Understanding the stages of a data science project
  • Setting expectations for a new data science project

Full stack Deep Learning

Although the title includes the words Deep Learning, the fundamentals are mostly common to any Data-based project:

People + AI Guidebook