According to Paul Graham, in order to write well, one must read well. Similarly, to think well, particularly when dealing with ill-defined problems, one must write.

I’ve been consistently writing for some time now. I take notes on the books I read and then process them by applying lessons I’ve learned from various sources, particularly from “How to Take Smart Notes”. From the connections between these ideas, I generate new texts.

I also write meeting minutes to keep a record of the decisions made and the actions to be taken for those who weren’t present at the meeting, and to identify the Directly Responsible Individual who is responsible for carrying out those tasks.

Additionally, I write process documentation to standardize our team’s expectations on a project.

Furthermore, I write about problems that I encounter and for which I have yet to find a solution. When attempting to tackle these problems, I write my thought process down.

I intend to make more of these writings public. While newsletters are currently trending, I prefer to create a digital garden for now. Anyone who wishes to do so can subscribe to the RSS feed, observe my learning process in real-time, and participate in discussions.