Midjourney 5.2. Fleeting handwritten notes, plants and flowers are born from a laptop and creating a digital garden by Aries Moross. Natural light, greenhouse. --ar 3:2. Vary region handwritten notes and plants displayed on the screen

I write to think, to learn, to manage my time, and to solve problems. Some years ago I started following some of the practices proposed in the book How to take smart notes and now I mainly take the following kind of notes:

  1. Fleeting notes: These are brief notes taken when encountering new information or when new ideas arise in my mind. They are meant to be taken quickly, in the moment, and should be kept as short as possible. Fleeting notes serve as a reminder of the idea or information, and are meant to be processed later. These are in raw form, at the moment I am not sharing them publicly.
  2. Permanent notes: These are more detailed notes that have been processed from the fleeting notes.#permanent-note focuses on a single idea or concept, and is written in my own words.#writing is the result of assembling permanent and literature notes, writing a draft based on those ideas which is finally reviewed, corrected and polished.
  3. Literature notes: These are notes that capture ideas or insights from books, articles, or other written works. They may summarize key points, highlight important quotes, or provide personal reflections on the content.

You may want to navigate the site following a Map Of Content:

In case you have never seen a personal site with this structure, it is called a Digital Garden. I allows me to share my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge in an interconnected and non-linear way. Unlike a traditional blog or website, a digital garden is designed to be ever-evolving and growing, with the content being constantly updated and interconnected through hyperlinks, allowing for a more fluid and organic way of organizing and sharing information.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the workflow I used for building this Digital Garden.