• I like to generate images with high resolution and detail, but the problem is that with my graphics card the process becomes eternal. That’s why I never generate high-resolution images from txt2img. In txt2img, I generate low-quality, low-resolution images, then move them to img2img. Although it might seem logical, most people either spend too much time on txt2img or settle for the first image. (View Highlight)
  • For this reason, I generate them at 320x480 o 344x512. For the sampler, I always use DPM++2M Karras and 20 steps. For Batch size, I usually use 6, as it’s very fast with this resolution. (In my case, 6 images in 8-9 seconds). But it’s not just about the time, since I could increase the size, but from the tests I have conducted, I prefer not to make it larger since in img2img at 0.5 denoising offers me better results. (View Highlight)
  • I usually generate many more images until I get the one I like or am looking for, as the generation is extremely fast. (View Highlight)
  • This is a clear example when I want more detail, as it’s not always like this. For this reason, I use the “Dynamic Thresholding (CFG Scale Fix)” plugin, which allows me to significantly increase the CFG, obtaining a better response from the prompt and also with more detail. (View Highlight)
  • We move it to img2img using the button below the selected image. In img2img, in my case I use styles, so I add lora:difConsistency_photo:0.5, and lora:difConsistency_detail:0.75. In Negative, you can add whatever you consider necessary. I usually use difConsistency_negative or some generic prompt like “(monochrome) (bad hands) (disfigured) (grain) (Deformed) (poorly drawn) (mutilated) (lowres) (deformed) (dark) (lowpoly) (CG) (3d) (blurry) (duplicate) (watermark) (label) (signature) (frames) (text), (nsfw:1.3) (nude:1.3) (nacked:1.3)“. The configuration is the same; 2M Karras, 20 steps. But with the size 768x1280, and “Denoising Strength” at 0.5. I usually use between 0.4 and 0.6. Make sure the Seed is set to -1. (View Highlight)
  • If you want more detail or definition, you can also include the “Dynamic Thresholding (CFG Scale Fix)” plugin, as we used before. In this case, due to the resolution, you can increase the CFG to 60 and Mimic CFG Scale to 30. (View Highlight)