Authors: David Rey-Blanco, Pelayo Arbues, Fernando Lopez, Antonio Paez


This article presents an open data product with large geo-referenced micro-data sets of 2018 real estate listings in Spain. These data were originally published on the real estate website. The observations were obtained for the three largest cities in Spain: Madrid (n = 94,815 observations), Barcelona (n = 61,486 observations), and Valencia (n = 33,622 observations). The data sets include the coordinates of properties (latitude and longitude), asking prices of each listed dwelling, and several variables of indoor characteristics. The listings were enriched with official information from the Spanish cadastre (e.g., building material quality) plus other relevant geographical features, such as distance to urban points of interest. Along with the real estate listings, the data product also includes neighborhood boundaries for each city. The data product is offered as a fully documented R package and is available for scientific and educational purposes, particularly for geo-spatial studies.