Source: El medio es el masaje

  • The closer the artifact is to our skin, the more we want the design to reflect our personality: tattoos > clothes > cars > house. This was broken with the arrival of the smartphone, which is very impersonal.
  • Rearview mirror effect: Using technology to solve age-old problems.
  • Documentalists/librarians fell from grace with Internet 2.0, when the documentary internet ended and moved towards a medium based on interaction design.
  • We use AI as minions, not for challenges we haven’t imagined.
  • If screens are no longer needed and only language is required, it can transform interaction design.
  • Language is the oldest interface. It frees other senses, it’s more accessible, it’s emotional, it has musicality, it’s unique and individual, it allows shortcuts. It has more bandwidth than other interfaces.
  • We still look in the rearview mirror; we don’t incorporate context into AI.
  • Screens haven’t died; we will need our vision for many interactions.