Culture is an enabler for all initiatives. In order to change culture you need to change people's minds. Make them curious, open to change and collaborative. To reach all of this you need to have purpose and intention, you need to make employees accountable by building trust (being transparent and vulnerable) and you must be appreciative when they make the right things.

1st phd thesis on corporate culture (1969), first culture shaping consultancy firm (1978).

Corporate culture and productivity. It is easier to decide a change than to make people change. Organizations as dysfunctional families, trust issues, resistence to change… No matter how good is the idea, it is hard to implement.

Companies, like people, has a personality.

Tipping point, the culture is the greatest determinant of survival of an organization.

Unsconscious resistence to change. You have to change people minds to curious instead of judgemental.

Why don’t you complain about gravity? You don’t wake in the morning and say oh my, another day with gravity. Stop complaining about things you cannot do anything about. Stoicism powa.

You have to untrain the blame culture. As a manager you have the win/lose mindset (prefer not lose) and also this mindset in which you cannot make mistakes. So if a project is falling behind you look for someone else to blame. But what you have to ask is what can you do in this context to make it work?

How do change adults habits? You need an epiphany. Covid was an unfreezing moment.

Culture is the way people behave and work together: accountable vs victims, collaborative vs territorial, resist change vs open to change, curious vs judgemental. Culture is the same across the world, the difference is style.

Shadow of the leaders: How CEOs and senior leaders behave goes down in the organization. You need to start change at the top.

There is a huge void in people feeling appreciated and valued in organizations. Younger generation needs healthy organizacions with cultures that respect people, appreciative.

Encouraging empowerment in teams: Training accountability + (inspiring, appreciating people for doing the right thing)

The rate of change pushes the need of agile companies.

Culture is the enabler of all initiatives. The main enablers of culture: having purpose, performance value: accountability. Bedrock of honest and integrity.

Incentives for performance. Recognising culture. Appreciative feedback and constructive feedback. Got a recognised by your boss in front of your peers.

Cash rewards + jerk supervisors you won’t get the grass cut.

How do you build trust? Openness builds trust. Transparency builds trust. Vulnerability builds trust. Leaders must show vulnearable, be open, consistent, dependable, appreciating…

Disconnected initiatives != transformative change.

Leaders need to lead with the why, not the what. What it makes a difference, Why you are important to me. Values != leadership. Leaders need to model things in the organization.

Ego factor in the culture for a balanced organization. If leaders are humble, vulnerable. Company with big ego = problems. Confidence and intention, not for ego.

Be here now. Be present. Not wandering mind.