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Teachers: Jerry Liu (LlamaIndex), Anupam Datta (truera)


Production ready systems requires systematic iteration, evaluation, and Systematic experimenting.

Advanced RAG pipeline

Components of a basic RAG Pipeline

In the notebook, it setups a simple RAG and an Evaluation using Truelens. It evaluates the following triad:

Evaluation is performed using LLMs.

Sentence-window retrieval

This works by embedding single sentences instead of chunks. After retrieval, the sentences are replaced by a larger window of sentences around the original retrieved sentence. This allows the LLM to have more context while retrieven more granular pieces of information. It may improve retrieval and synthesis performance.

Auto-merging retrieval

We construct a hierarchy of parent nodes, with child nodes. Auto-merging retrieval works by merging and retrieve nodes into larger pair of nodes.

RAG Triad of metrics