Why Is “Data Scientist” Such a Controversial Title?



  • Author: Emily Thompson
  • Full Title: Why Is “Data Scientist” Such a Controversial Title?
  • Document Note: There is no science without data, so data word in Data Science is redundant. A decade later there is still debate on what the Data Scientist term means. The important part of the role is the science aspect. There is no data science without data engineering and data infrastructure. There is no gain without planning and investing. Many data scientists has to build the infrastructure and tools themselves when it does not exist. ETL work and data quality tasks that validates the data pipeline is also part of the work of a scientist. It is even positive because it makes you learn data appreciation. Data science integration with product managers is still not consistently integrated. Those PMs able to get the learning expertise of the Data Science teams will have a superpower.
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  • fter all that, I have to admit that that the term Data Scientist is a generic one that means different things to different people, and the field probably does need to evolve with more specific titles. (View Highlight)