• Denoising strength determines how much noise is added to an image before the sampling steps. It is a common setting in image-to-image applications in Stable Diffusion. The value of denoising strength ranges from 0 to 1. 0 means no noise is added to the input image. 1 means the input image is completely replaced with noise. You can understand denoising strength as the balance between preserving the original image and creating a completely new image. The higher the denoising strength, the more the image will change. (View Highlight)
  • You should not set the denoising strength too high in inpainting. Otherwise, the generation will be incoherent to the rest of the image. There are ways to use a high denoising strength in inpainting: • Use an inpainting checkpoint model. • Use ControlNet. See the inpainting tutorial for details. (View Highlight)