Two Ways of Measuring Data Team Value




  • Data initiatives are too focused on democratizing access to information and not focused enough on driving business impact. (View Highlight)
  • we need to have a much greater focus on business value produced by data…which doesn’t happen magically / on its own (View Highlight)
  • If your data team is purely focused on democratizing access to information, its spend needs to be a very modest % of revenue. (View Highlight)
  • There really is some level of shared data infrastructure that just needs to exist at a company for it to reasonably operate in a modern environment, after all. (View Highlight)
  • There is some minimum viable data capability that is purely responsible for data infra and company-wide enablement, and this should be as small as is feasible (View Highlight)
  • some of the challenge the industry is having around valuing data work is this fundamental misunderstanding of the split between company-wide shared value and specific ROI and the ability to accurately reflect this in a chart of accounts. If you can’t see your data spend reflected in this way, it makes it impossible for the planning process to reason about how to grow or cut this spend. (View Highlight)