• Whether you’re an IC, manager, or director everyone plays a role in running a successful data team. But it can feel overwhelming learning all the skills required to keep a data team on track. (View Highlight)
  • One of the problems we face in the world today isn’t a lack of information but too much information. So below I put together a list of books, articles, and videos that you should read or watch. (View Highlight)
  • Now, there are still a lot of articles and pieces of content here. But I view this as more of the page of resources that you can return to when you have specific problems. Thus, I have broken this resource list down by problems vs by type of resources. (View Highlight)
  • When you do hire someone or when you start a new role its great to have a smooth onboarding process as well as a plan for your first 90 days. That’s why I picked the articles below that both review onboarding as well provide content for the employee who is just starting. (View Highlight)