• Create a page on your website that reflects how you use generative AI. Let’s call it the /ai page. That is, yourwebsite/ai. (View Highlight)
  • The content can range from declaring that “None of the posts on this site was made using generative AI” or “The following posts were partly generated using [Name of AI model].” If you’ve been open about how you use AI elsewhere, it can be the page that points to those links. (View Highlight)
  • The main essence of the /ai page on your website is to promote trust and transparency. As an individual, you show us that you are thoughtful and responsible in your use of these tools. You also attract the kind of readers and potential collaborators that align with your position. (View Highlight)
  • The content of the /ai site can be a few words - fewer than mine. Or it can be as long as the infamous terms and conditions on most websites. It is better when you write it to be understood by humans like us. Not only those who speak ‘legalese.’ (View Highlight)
  • Yes, you didn’t annotate the data. You didn’t train the model, or know the frameworks involved. But its use? That’s entirely up to you. We want outputs that are humane and made with care. We want to support one another to get the best of the AI tools available to us. (View Highlight)