Share Your Data Insights to Engage Your Colleagues




  • Proactively sharing data insights broadly with the people in our organizations encourages engagement and collaboration, brings additional visibility to the data team, and provides a way to work in partnership with others in the company to increase data literacy (View Highlight)
  • when asked to do an analysis for the marketing team, we share the results with everyone to give other folks in the company information they can synthesize and use to inform their own work. (View Highlight)
  • Broadly sharing these insights, both those that come from answering stakeholder questions and those discovered when exploring the data on our own, can be beneficial in a variety of ways: (View Highlight)
  • Helping folks understand a more comprehensive universe of questions that can be answered by our data (View Highlight)
  • Teaching others in our company about how to interpret data (View Highlight)
  • Serving as an entry point to existing reporting (View Highlight)
  • Making the data team more visible and showing the range of the data team’s skills, far beyond a simple data pull (View Highlight)
  • we have a Slack channel made for proactively sharing insights, calledinternal-stats-n-graphs (View Highlight)
  • Each of the data analysts and analytics engineers on the Data Team aim to develop an insight weekly, then we schedule out who will post in the channel each day (View Highlight)
  • Anyone from the company can post in the channel, which keeps it lively and adds to the collaborative spirit. (View Highlight)
  • Those conversations can yield great ideas for future explorations, cross-functional connections that lead to valuable partnerships, opportunities to educate about data interpretation best practices, and ways for us on the data team to learn about aspects of the business from subject matter experts that can help us refine our explorations. (View Highlight)