Philosophy for Happiness, Q1 Relationships, & More




  • As you push for growth in your life, there will be people, actions, behaviors, and things that stand ready to inhibit that progress. I call these inhibitors “boat anchors” in your life (View Highlight)
  • boat anchors” include: • People who you allow in your life who laugh at your ambition or tell you to be more realistic. These same people are often focused on the past and want you to remain in the same place you were when your relationship first developed. • Small actions or behaviors you adopt that are subtly hindering your growth. • Suboptimal environments that you allow to linger too long. (View Highlight)
  • It’s easy to ignore the “boat anchors” if you’re still making forward progress, but the drag they create is meaningful and effectively prohibits you from operating at your full potential. (View Highlight)
  • What are the “boat anchors” in my life? What are the things silently holding me back? How can I slowly, methodically cut these lines and unleash my full power? (View Highlight)
  • (View Highlight)
  • every relationship in your life can be placed within a 2x2 matrix based upon:
    1. How healthy it is
    2. How enjoyable it is So all relationships fall into one of four types: • Q1 relationships are healthy and enjoyable • Q2 relationships are healthy but not enjoyable • Q3 relationships are enjoyable but not healthy • Q4 relationships are not enjoyable and not healthy Since reading it for the first time, this idea has become a core framework for how I think about relationships. Focus more energy and time on Q1 relationships. They are few and far between. Cherish the Q1 relationships. As for the Q4 relationships: Scrub them from your life. (View Highlight)
  • Sam’s philosophy for a happy life:
    1. Be ok with what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you can do.
    2. Surround yourself with people you want to be around.
    3. Keep moving forward.
    4. Never miss a party if you can help it. (View Highlight)