• Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman revealed how a conversation with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman prompted a swift response to revoke access to the plugins. The story goes that research published by real estate news site Inman in June asserted that chatbots posed discriminatory risks in the financial sector, with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finding that financial institutions using chatbots to solve customer faced significant risks by integrating them into their services. (View Highlight)
  • While the results ChatGPT offered were reasonably accurate, Inman pointed out that the responses delivered by chatbots like ChatGPT could potentially be used for discriminatory reasons, with buyers specifically avoiding particular neighbourhoods based on ‘unfair’ questions that contradict the Fair Housing Act (1968). (View Highlight)
  • Furthermore, Sean Frank, co-founder and CEO of tech-focused Mainframe Real Estate in Florida, repeated the exercise and found that ChatGPT could be prompted to give responses that included links to real estate listings on Redfin’s portal—in other words, consumers can search for and filter listings by filters that directly and overtly bypass the Fair Housing Act legislation. (View Highlight)