On Hiring, Rehiring, and One Question to Answer Them All




  • Hiring is typically thought of as something you do once per person. Once someone’s hired, training, growing, and retaining are the next things you do. You may keep training someone, you may keep growing someone, you may keep promoting someone, but you surely don’t keep hiring someone. (View Highlight)
  • you hire someone at least twice. You hire someone initially, and then, if all goes well, you hire them again 12 months later. That second hire is the crucial hire, even though it wouldn’t be a stretch to say you continually hire someone throughout their career. (View Highlight)
  • And it’s in that first year — really those first few months — where you can tell if someone’s going to work out, or we’re just not right for them (View Highlight)
  • The manager simply asks themselves: “With a full year behind me, knowing what I know now, would I hire this person again?” (View Highlight)
  • Great managers responsible for great teams know who’d they hire again and who they wouldn’t. It’s in that knowing where you’ll find the serenity of decision. And the 12-month mark is the perfect moment to have that second chance to make that crucial call. (View Highlight)
  • Knowing what I know now, would I take this job again?” Because sticking around is doing exactly that — accepting the job again. (View Highlight)