Meeting People.




  • Connect with new folks that you don’t already know. • Engage with folks you already know, to keep your relationship strong. • Compound your network over time through small, ongoing efforts. (View Highlight)
  • Meeting people at work is by far the most effective way to build a large network. (View Highlight)
  • Personal outreach doesn’t scale, but it’s the most effective way to meet and develop relationships with folks. It’s easiest to get an introduction from someone I know, but even without, a short friendly email that asks a concise, interesting and relevant question almost always leads to a friendly new acquaintance. (View Highlight)
  • A big part of networking is getting comfortable with the fact that other folks are living their own lives, and sometimes are too busy to even respond to your note (View Highlight)
  • Hiring and interviewing is highly underrated as a way to meet fascinating people that you can learn from. (View Highlight)
  • I’ve always met a bunch of fascinating folks when I speak, and I’ve found it quite effective. It’s particularly effective in contrast with attending conferences, which I’ve personally found rather ineffective for building relationships. ( (View Highlight)