Just the Two of Us



  • Author: hey.com
  • Full Title: Just the Two of Us
  • Document Note: This article discusses the benefits of having two-person teams for software development and how it can enable faster progress. It suggests that trimming the “overgrown crown” and having smaller teams can result in faster progress and less frustration. It proposes that if more than two people are needed, it is better to add another two-person team rather than adding people to the existing team. It encourages companies to adopt Shape Up and scope and shape their work accordingly to achieve the most efficient results.
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  • both Basecamp and HEY are built by multiple teams of two using our Shape Up process. (View Highlight)
  • Big teams not only slow shit down, they expand the surface area of discontent. Talk to any large team, and you can feel the heat of frustration radiating outward. (View Highlight)
  • Two person teams simply can’t be beat. Want to do more than two people can do? Add another two person team to to the mix on something else. That’s what you do. Don’t add them to what you’re doing, add them to something you aren’t. Four people making progress on two different features at the same time, rather than four people struggling to deliver one thing on time. (View Highlight)