• Command R+ is a state-of-the-art RAG-optimized model designed to tackle enterprise-grade workloads, and is available first on Microsoft Azure (View Highlight)
  • Today, we’re introducing Command R+, our most powerful, scalable large language model (LLM) purpose-built to excel at real-world enterprise use cases. Command R+ joins our R-series of LLMs focused on balancing high efficiency with strong accuracy, enabling businesses to move beyond proof-of-concept, and into production with AI. (View Highlight)
  • Command R+, like our recently launched Command R model, features a 128k-token context window and is designed to offer best-in-class: • Advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with citation to reduce hallucinations • Multilingual coverage in 10 key languages to support global business operations • Tool Use to automate sophisticated business processes (View Highlight)
  • RAG has become a foundational building block for enterprises adopting LLMs and customizing them with their own proprietary data. Command R+ builds upon Command R’s exceptional performance at RAG use cases. (View Highlight)
  • Command R+ is optimized for advanced RAG to provide enterprise-ready, highly reliable, and verifiable solutions. The new model improves response accuracy and provides in-line citations that mitigate hallucinations. This capability helps enterprises scale with AI to quickly find the most relevant information to support tasks across business functions like finance, HR, sales, marketing, and customer support, among others, in a range of sectors. (View Highlight)
  • A major promise of large language models is their ability to not only ingest and produce text, but to act as core reasoning engines: capable of making decisions and using tools to automate difficult tasks that demand intelligence to solve. To deliver this capability, Command R+ comes with Tool Use capabilities, accessible through our API and LangChain to seamlessly automate complex business workflows. (View Highlight)
  • Our family of models combined with Tools can be used to address important enterprise use cases like keeping your customer relationship management (CRM) tasks, activities, and records up-to-date automatically. This capability helps upgrade our model applications from simple chatbots to powerful agents and research tools for increased productivity. (View Highlight)
  • New in Command R+, we now support Multi-Step Tool Use which allows the model to combine multiple tools over multiple steps to accomplish difficult tasks. Command R+ can even correct itself when it tries to use a tool and fails, for instance when encountering a bug or failure in a tool, enabling the model to make multiple attempts at accomplishing the task and increasing the success rate. (View Highlight)
  • Command R+ is designed to serve as many people, organizations, and markets as possible. During our discussions with companies, we’re met with a huge demand for multilingual capabilities that helps organizations more seamlessly work across regions and cultures. That’s why we built Command R+ to excel at 10 key languages of global business: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and Chinese. (View Highlight)
  • This multilingual capability enables users to generate accurate responses from a vast set of data sources, regardless of their native language, helping us to power product features and tools for geographically diverse global companies. We look forward to seeing businesses around the world try our Command R model family to power their business operations and products. (View Highlight)
  • Not only is Command R+ a strong multilingual model, but the R-series of models features a tokenizer that compresses non-English text much better than the tokenizer used for other models in the market, capable of achieving up to a 57% reduction in cost. (View Highlight)
  • With our Command R model family we remain committed to protecting customer data, privacy, and safety to help enterprises use our AI with peace of mind. We’ve always built products with data privacy at the core and provide customers additional protections with copyright assurance against infringement claims. We don’t access customers’ data unless they want us to. We offer private LLM deployments and the option to opt out of data sharing. (View Highlight)