I Asked My Followers:




  • “What could you give a 5-minute presentation on with no prep?” (View Highlight)
  • “Walk me through your last project. What should have been different?” (View Highlight)
  • “Tell me about the last 5 books you’ve read.” (View Highlight)
  • “Who would follow you here?” (View Highlight)
  • “What question am I not asking you that you want me to?” (View Highlight)
  • “What does your calendar look like?” (View Highlight)
  • “How did you prepare for this interview?” (View Highlight)
  • “What will past bosses say are your 3 biggest strengths and weaknesses?” (View Highlight)
  • “How did you handle a coworker/boss you never got along with?” (View Highlight)
  • “What do you think we are doing wrong as a company right now?” (View Highlight)