How to Go Get Your Next Job in Tech




  • Elevator Pitch. Three (maximum) crisp sentences that describe your overall tech experience. The sentences quickly identify your job function and level, the industries you have experience in, and what separates you from others ( (View Highlight)
  • About 6-8 bullet points listing your most impressive professional accomplishments. Brag (but don’t lie) about the work you’ve done that will be the most significant and relevant to hiring managers, and that you’re proudest of. (View Highlight)
  • When you apply directly, you’ll be lumped in with all the other applications that will eventually get reviewed by a junior sourcer. You’re not using your network to your advantage. If an employee at the company finds out that you’ve already applied, then they will conclude you are already in the system and won’t likely take any other action to help you. (View Highlight)
  • This company-specific interview prep method includes first preparing to communicate how your past experience is relevant and valuable to the company by: • Researching your target company’s core values or leadership principles. • Identifying the best case studies from your past experience that best demonstrate each core value. • Prepping talking points for each of your career case studies. • Prepping for specific questions about each company core value, including the cast study and question-specific talking points you want to cover in your answer. (View Highlight)
  • If you’re reaching out to someone because you want a job at their company or want them to connect you with someone in their network, just say so. Don’t beat around the bush or try to get them to make the first move. Get to the point. (View Highlight)
  • Don’t apply directly via company’s job site without using your network first (View Highlight)