How to Build Data Literacy in Your Company



  • Author: Sara Brown
  • Full Title: How to Build Data Literacy in Your Company
  • Document Note: Lack of data literacy skills among top 3 barriers in building strong data initiatives Data literacy definition involves reading data, working with data, analyzing data and being able to argue with data. Paper Challenging because requires high level in skills that haven’t usually been taught together: data analysis + effective data communication Not everyone needs to become a data scientist, it is important to assess the level of skills needed by each role. Why you need data literacy:
    • Data literates make better decisions
    • Decisions have to be taken faster than ever Data literacy roadmap:
    1. Define data literacy goals
    2. Assess current skills levels
    3. Design learning paths Principles: Focus on data, not on technology Agree on the level of proficiency fo different job types Avoid jargon Define success metrics In order to become data driven: we also need data maturity, data-driven leadership and data-drive decision making
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  • Data literacy — the ability of a company’s employees to understand and work with data to the appropriate degree — can be a stepping stone or a stumbling block when it comes to building a data-driven company. (View Highlight)