• Each “pearl” is an action taken, with each action having equal value. No action is more or less valuable than any other—all actions are to be celebrated as an important part of creating the string of pearls. (View Highlight)
  • The important point here is just creating an identity around taking the action: “I am the person that puts the next pearl on the string.” Just as we learned from the Parable of the Farmer and the Horse, we don’t need to place judgement on whether any action is “good” or “bad”—we just need to take the action and let it be. (View Highlight)
  • No action is completely perfect—no action is completely imperfect. Every action has the same value. Every action is a pearl on your long, ever-expanding string of life. (View Highlight)
  • Lesson: Each and every single day, add one perfectly imperfect pearl to your string. (View Highlight)