• Over 40% of startups surveyed have found AI tools to be most impactful in marketing (View Highlight)
  • 59% of startup founders feel that AI has helped them reach qualified prospects (View Highlight)
  • Browsebuddy: Empower your store with an AI shopping assistant that understands your catalog. (View Highlight)
  • Eververse: Ideate solutions, prioritize features, and plan roadmaps with the help of AI. (View Highlight)
  • Privacy Maze: Meta has started using public posts and photos to train its AI models. Users can opt out, but critics say the multi-step process is so complicated that it’s virtually impossible to do so. (View Highlight)
  • Character Clash: Meta and xAI are reportedly battling over a potential partnership with Character AI, a startup that builds chatbots with unique personalities. (View Highlight)
  • Silicon Home: Malaysia is allegedly working to secure more than $100 billion in investments for its burgeoning semiconductor industry. (View Highlight)