• Welcome to the ultimate guide for restoring and fixing faces with ADetailer Extension in stable diffusion. Explore the art of seamless facial enhancements as we unveil the power of this innovative tool. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast, digital artist, or someone eager to master facial restoration, this guide navigates you through achieving pixel-perfect results. Join us in mastering the intersection of innovation and imagery, and elevate your skills in facial restoration (View Highlight)
  • Typically, when crafting full-body portraits or images where the subject is at a distance, you might observe faces becoming blurred or distorted. When facing this challenge, it’s a strong indicator that the ADetailer extension could be your solution. This extension has the potential to restore faces when applied correctly. Below is an image created with “txt2img” where the face doesn’t look natural and seems distorted. (View Highlight)
  • In the prompt sections you have the option to fill in the positive and the negative prompt. Here, you should focus on the specific area you want to fix. For instance, in our example, we aim to repair a distorted face. Our prompt could look something like this: “detailed face, clear face, Latina woman’s face.”. You also have the option to use LoRA’s inside the ADetailer prompt section, but for this example we choose not to use one. (View Highlight)