• When you have some inkling about a novel idea, it’s tempting to try to immediately write down the idea and develop it in-place. But often, that’s not possible, practically or emotionally: the idea may just not be solid enough yet to attack directly. The blank page may feel intimidating; the claims may still feel mushy. (View Highlight)
  • nurture the wild idea and let it develop over time by incrementally writing Evergreen notes about small facets of the idea. Those notes have much tighter scope: they just have to describe one atomic concept (View Highlight)
  • The idea doesn’t even initially have to be related to any pre-existing line of thought. But over time, you can incrementally connect it to other concepts, old or new. (View Highlight)
  • You can Create speculative outlines while you write to tie those pieces together, and in time, they’ll accumulate into a more coherent whole. (View Highlight)