Building a First Team Mindset




  • A First Team mindset is the idea that leaders prioritize supporting their fellow leaders over supporting their direct reports—that they are responsible to their peers more than they are to their individual teams (View Highlight)
  • When your leaders have built trust with each other it becomes significantly easier to manage change, exhibit vulnerability, and solve problems together. (View Highlight)
  • The more explicit you are about the behaviors you expect from your leaders the better off you’ll be. I make sure I’m clear with my managers about their responsibility to one another (View Highlight)
  • In my day-to-day. I encourage interdependence and normalization of help seeking amongst team members. I constantly encourage my team to talk to one another about their problems, and refer them to each other for help. (View Highlight)
  • Manager roundtables are a great way to achieve this as they are spaces specifically designed to share and solve problems collaboratively. (View Highlight)