Breaking the Inertia of Mediocrity




  • It’s rarely the terrible decisions, processes, or even people that’ll sink your organization. It’s the accumulation and inertia of the mediocre ones. (View Highlight)
  • The insidious nature of inertia is in its ability to compound the cost of action as time goes on. (View Highlight)
  • Every additional month you let mediocrity fester, you make it harder to undo. (View Highlight)
  • Because hitting undo usually means at least one difficult conversation, some amount of disappointment, and a recognition that you get this one wrong. (View Highlight)
  • Come up with excuses of why it just hasn’t worked yet. Why just a bit more time is needed to turn it around. Any argument will do, as long as it postpones the requirement to move. (View Highlight)
  • We usually know what needs to be done, but we shrink from the responsibility to do it. Unless occasion calls upon us without a choice, we’ll find a way around. (View Highlight)
  • Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life. Make the hard choices. (View Highlight)