• Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of the Data Wrangler extension for Visual Studio Code! Data Wrangler is a free extension that offers data viewing and cleaning that is directly integrated into VS Code and the Jupyter extension. It provides a rich user interface to view and analyze your data, show insightful column statistics and visualizations, and automatically generate Pandas code as you clean and transform the data. We want to thank all the early adopters who tried out the extension preview over the past year, as your valuable feedback has been crucial to this release. (View Highlight)
  • With this general availability, we are also announcing that the data viewer feature in the Jupyter extension will be going away. In its place, you will be able to use the new and improved data viewing experience offered by Data Wrangler, which is also built by Microsoft. We understand that the data viewer was a beloved feature from our customers, and we see this as the next evolution to working with data in VS Code in an extensible manner and hope that you will love the Data Wrangler extension even more than the data viewer feature. Several of the improvements and features of Data Wrangler are highlighted below. (View Highlight)