10,000 Microwave Enthusiasts to Attend Annual Microwave Conference in Las Vegas



  • Author: Benn Stancil
  • Full Title: 10,000 Microwave Enthusiasts to Attend Annual Microwave Conference in Las Vegas
  • Document Note: A projected 10,000 microwave enthusiasts are expected to attend the annual microwave conference in Las Vegas. The conference will provide opportunities to discuss the latest trends in microwave technology and vendors will showcase daring new products. Despite the popularity of microwaves, some argue that the appliance has not lived up to its potential and has become a utilitarian commodity. The author suggests that in order for data tooling to move beyond being considered an appliance, there needs to be a natural language interface that can help answer complex questions.
  • URL: https://benn.substack.com/p/the-annual-microwave-conference


  • Data, just like the microwave, has no God-given right to be important. (View Highlight)
  • We’ve been reciting the same talking points for so long—every company today needs to be data-driven; being data-driven is stakes; you’re falling behind the modern company if you aren’t data-driven; all the most successful companies are data-driven—that we’ve built an entire ecosystem on the implicit assumption that they’re true. (View Highlight)
  • Reporting could be our plateau; our databases could be haystacks, full of nothing but hay. (View Highlight)
  • more appliance than avant-garde; more operational grease than organizational revolution (View Highlight)
  • If extracting an answer from a BI tool takes too long—i.e., minutes instead of seconds—people aren’t able to cycle through enough trials to cover meaningful ground. Rather of recognizing this incomplete analysis, we score it as bad analysis, and put guardrails around it, to protect people from making mistakes. Do the mundanes stuff, we say, but data teams will do the meaningful work (View Highlight)
  • The only interface that will let people get the answers fast enough and painlessly enough to break this cycle is natural language (View Highlight)
  • Or, try a 73rd time—but now, with large language models. (View Highlight)